Hedge Trimming Finsbury Park N4

Hedge trimming is really important for every house that has a garden and the sooner you realize this – the better. Because of this reason we would like to offer you our new special offers which are considered to be the best in Finsbury Park N4.

Not only because of the low rates but because of the quality of the work we are delivering. See this for yourself by giving us a call and hiring us at day and time that suits you needs and expectations.

You can be sure that we will not let you down simply because we know how to handle the whole process of hedge trimming. The equipment we are going to provide is professional and the best part is that you are not going to be required to pay for it.


  • Hedge & Bush Trimming (Team of Two)£45/h
  • Lawn Mowing & Weeding (Team of Two)£45/h
  • Tree Trimming (Team of Two)£45/h
  • Cutting Large Bush (Team of Two)£45/h
*Minimum charge is £45

hedgetrimming5Can you imagine that you will have professional workers who will come at your place and do all the hard gardening job instead of you and at the end you will be charged at really low rates.

We believe that this is the key to success and because of this reason we want to help you and make your life easier in so many ways – we are the right choice for you.

“The gardeners arrived right on time and thankfully carried their own professional tools and equipment. This was very thoughtful of them, especially when you consider the fact our mower broke down a few days ago. I really love the criss-cross pattern they recreated. The lawn looks denser and neat now! Much obliged!” – Grace

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    Professional Hedge Trimming Finsbury Park N4

    hedgetrimming10Based in Finsbury Park N4, we are dedicated to customers and their 100% satisfaction as we provide high-standards hedge trimming services, guaranteed to please even the most fastidious and demanding clients.

    People reach to us because we never fall short of giving them value for their money. This is hardly surprising, considering the fact we work with some of the most experienced gardeners in the area, charge sensible rates, provide no-obligation estimates and use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure customers are pleased with the final results. Big hedges that have grown out of control do not scare us! Give us a chance to prove to you just how good we are – give us a call!

    Why is it important to get your hedges professionally trimmed on a regular basis?

    Choosing expert hedge trimming services is about more than simply improving the appearance of your outdoor area. It is also greatly beneficial for the preservation of long-term vibrancy and health. Our experienced crew will trim your hedges, improve their appearance and make sure they fit with everything else in your garden. Regular hedge cutting provides various advantages worth considering.

    • Enhanced aesthetics – A trimmed and maintained hedge will improve the appearance of your entire garden. If their size and shape is fitted to the overall layout of your yard, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful outdoor area.
    • Practicality – By hiring our specialists for hedge trimming, you will save yourself time, money and efforts. They use efficient techniques to achieve excellent results, allowing you to relax without any worries.
    • Prevention of hedge overgrowth – Maintain the perfect size of your hedges to keep them from obstructing paths, windows, doorways, and other areas. Additionally, well-trimmed hedges enhance the appearance of the garden and improve air flow.
    • Protection against structural damage – overgrown hedges may cause damage to roofs, walls, fences and other structures over time. Regular trimming and maintenance will reduce the chances of this.
    • Pest and rodent control – Trimmed hedges are less inviting to insects, rodents and other pests. By regularly trimming them, you will ensure that they are healthy and free of infestations.

    The hedge trimming equipment we use

    We provide our professional gardening technicians with some of the best tools required for the job. They use efficient saws, scissors, and trimmers to shape hedges perfectly. Additionally, they bring elevated platforms and ladders to reach high surfaces and areas. These tools enable us to achieve the high-quality results you desire, leaving your hedges beautiful and well-maintained.

    Why choose our professional garden maintenance services in Finsbury Park for your hedge trimming?

    • Certified experts – The gardening experts on our team are some of the best in the industry. They have years of experience, knowledge and skills. They are masters in hedge trimming and will work hard to ensure that your needs and expectations have been met.
    • High quality services -As a reputable garden maintenance agency, we put in continuous effort to sustain the high quality of our work in Finsbury Park. We promise satisfactory final results and ensure they meet your expectations.
    • Affordable rates and special offers – The costs for all of our services are reasonable and fit within your budget. If you are a new client, you will also be eligible for exclusive offers.

    What are the benefits of trimming hedges regularly

    • Healthier hedges – Regular pruning is vital for the health of your hedges. By enhancing air circulation and sun exposure, you can encourage new growth, keep your hedges in optimum condition, and protect them from illnesses.
    • Improve the looks of your garden in Finsbury Park – Enhance the beauty of your landscape by cutting your hedges on a regular basis. By keeping their form and size, you may avoid an untidy or overgrown look, which adds to the garden’s overall appeal.
    • Safety and health benefits – Regularly trimming your hedges is essential for safety. This method keeps overgrown branches and debris from damaging your home or endangering your loved ones. Furthermore, good hedges offer superior natural protection.

    Add Some of the Additional Tasks We Offer to Your Hedge Trimming Service

    • Topiary – Topiary is a great way to add beauty and creativity to your yard by turning plain hedges into elegantly sculpted ornaments. Our specialists will carefully choose shapes that fit your garden’s design, resulting in eye-catching accents that add to its overall beauty. Trust our pros to transform your hedges into living artwork.
    • Tree surgery/Branch removal/ Tree care – Controlling branch development allows more sunlight to enter the canopy, reaching the tree’s centre and the ground underneath. This enhanced light exposure benefits the entire ecosystem by encouraging stronger undergrowth and allowing plants and grass to flourish beneath the tree. What is more, the removal of overgrown branches will reduce the chances of falling accidents.
    • Root management – We work with professional root management experts which will eliminate any damaged or overgrown roots that may be harming the hedge itself or destroying any construction or concrete nearby. This is an important task which will significantly improve the wellbeing of hedges, promote new growth and remove any chances of damage or illness, related to the root system.
    • Hedge Reduction and Removal / Hedge Height reduction – Let us reduce the height of your hedges – this will improve their health and condition, enhance the beauty of your garden and even promote growth in other plants by allowing more air and sunlight to pass through.

    The process of hedge trimming

    1. Contact us – Contact our customer support agents; we will ask you some questions about your needs before scheduling an appointment that is customised for you.
    2. Thorough area inspection – Our trained professionals will check your hedges upon arrival and establish a simple work process tailored to their size and condition, as well as the final outcomes you expect to receive.
    3. Precision trimming techniques – We will use the most convenient trimming techniques to shape and maintain your hedges in a perfect condition.
    4. Scheduled maintenance – A custom appointment schedule will be made for you, based on your goals and the condition of your hedges.


    • What is the best time of the year for my hedge trimming?

      Timing depends on the type of hedge. Generally, trimming in late winter or early spring, before new growth is the most beneficial, however, the best time for your hedge trimming may depend on the distinct species of hedges, as well as the weather conditions you are in.

    • Can you help with my hedges has been over trimmed?

      Yes, we will create a tailored service, based on the condition of your hedges and other plants. We can improve growth is your hedges have been over-trimmed and minimise bald spots and dryness.

    • Should I provide any materials (ladder, saws, etc.)?

      No, out professionals arrive fully equipped with everything they will need throughout the service. You do not need to worry about anything. The gardeners on our team utilise the best tools and products and will provide you with an exceptional service.

    • Ideal Frequency for Hedge Maintenance?

      Regular maintenance is crucial for the wellbeing of your hedges and the appearance of your garden. Based on the type of hedge that you have, as well as your needs and requirements, you may need to book this service 2-3 times a year. Our professional gardeners will provide you with advice on the perfect frequency for you.

    • Can you work with overgrown trees as well?

      Absolutely! In addition to hedge trimming, we offer services for tree pruning and maintenance to ensure the health and beauty of your entire landscape.

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