Jet Washing Services

Our jet washing service is widely popular in and around London. Over the years we have managed to gain the trust of our customers which can only motivate us to keep on improving every aspect of our work.

We have been delivering jet washing services for quite a long time already and we can proudly say that we are without a rival in the area. Our mission is to leave each and every one of our customers satisfied with the end results!

Оur special monthly offer of 10% off applies to a combination of Gardening and Jet Wash Cleaning Services. Give us a call for more information.

Some of the many benefits from working with us:

  • We offer many gardening services which can be tailored according to the needs and budget of our client.
  • You’ll be glad to hear that our gardening services are one of the most affordable in London and no other company can meet our quality.
  • We owe our success to our hard-working and devoted workers who do whatever they can to satisfy the needs of our clients. They are background-checked and trained to high standards.
  • We guarantee that our workers will do their job in a quick and professional manner.
  • Our working hours are very flexible, so you shouldn’t worry if your schedule is busy – we’ll find a way to visit you at a time & date convenient for you.
  • Our customer care support is excellent and our representatives will be more than happy to assist. You can feel free to ask anything.
  • There are two payment methods – cash and bank transfer. Please note that we require customers to make the transfer no later than 24 hours before the appointment.
  • We have no hidden charges. The only charge that may appear is the one for a parking spot as it is the customer’s responsibility to provide or pay for such.
  • The equipment our professionals make use of is top of the line and provided by us.
  • We are available 7 days a week.

Jet Washing Services London

Professional Gardening Services

  • Jet Washing£2.5/m2
Minimum call out charge £70

    We take pride in every cleaning job we do! The service is very fairly priced so that more and more people can afford to book it without them having to worry about their budget.

    If you are looking for an easy and affordable way to remove grime, dust, mud, loose paint or dirt from the surfaces around your home, we are at your disposal seven days a week. We have the amazing chance to work with some of the most experienced specialists in the field. They will do their best to fulfil your expectations and even exceed them! We provide them with the latest equipment and tools so they are able to do the job up to the highest standard. They are trained to work in a quick and organised manner.

    We have invested in the very latest jet washing technology so that we can meet all requirements and needs. We know best how to take care of your patio or driveway using only pure water and a jet cleaner, and leave the area clean and presentable.

    This modern cleaning technique uses water extraction under extremely high pressure and is 100% efficient in removing dirt, dust, stains, moss and algae. It is perfect for cleaning your outdoor surfaces after the long winter months or whenever you feel like too much dirt has built up on them.

    The pressure and flow of the water can be regulated, depending on the surface and materials that are being treated. Jet washing is extremely powerful and efficient but whenever used without the required skills, can easily damage a certain surface. It is important to know what kind of materials you are working with, in order to avoid damage.

    The process is quite fast – most of the time one cleaning is enough to perfectly rid you of all dirt o your outdoor area. However, if there is a severely stained surface, the process might have to be repeated.

    All our technicians performing this service are extremely experienced and will sare no time or effort. Jet/Pressure Washing is perfect for:

    • Patios
    • Driveways
    • Decking Areas
    • Fences
    • Exterior Walls
    • Paved Areas
    • Garage Floors
    • Paint Stripping
    • Roof or Shingles
    • Gutter and Soffits
    • Rubbish Bin
    • Barbeque
    • Pools and Hot Tubs
    • Graffiti Removal
    • Garden Furniture

    Whenever you are not happy with the condition of your outdoor area, give us a call. We are able to remove all dirt and stains, and make your exterior bright, beautiful and clean for you to enjoy. This service is extremely popular in spring when people are ready to start using their outdoor areas and enjoy the warm weather. Let us help you and you will not regret it.

    Customers love us! See for yourself:

    Thanks to you my patio looks so great. I will surely book your jet washing service again in near future.

    Brilliant! Our driveway is so much cleaner than I remember. Superb jet washing service.

    I was recommended this jet washing service and now I am sure that I will be recommending it too. The technician who came was more than friendly and hard-working.

    Waste no time and call our customer support centre. The office agents there will give you more information, answer all your questions and help you book a service.


    • Can you ensure my surfaces will not be damaged?

      Yes, we always inspect the surface that will be treated carefully, then select the most convenient setting for the cleaning process. That way grime and stains are efficiently eliminated, while the surfaces are not harmed.

    • Do you use any chemicals?

      No, on the rare occasions when a cleaning product must be used, it will be non-toxic, biodegradable and completely safe for your wellbeing. Usually, we only use water under pressure to remove dirt and grime.

    • Can you remove oil and grease stains?

      Yes, we can remove most grease stains, however, the efficiency of a procedure may depend on the origin and age of the stain.

    • Does this service help against moisture?

      Yes, the elimination of dirt, moss, algae and other vegetation from your roof, external walls and other areas will reduce the chances of moisture reaching the inside of your home.

    • How long does the service take?

      Jet washing is very quick and efficient. Based on the size of the area, a procedure like this may take anywhere between 1 and 3 hours.

    • How much will it cost?

      The price for this type of service is estimated, based on the size of the area being cleaned. Once we inspect the surface, we will provide you with an accurate price quote.