Professional Gardening Service East Dulwich

Providing time to your garden is not an easy task. Even if you manage to take out time you will not be able to treat it like a professional gardener.

We have been serving many people in the town and we were able to build a good reputation for ourselves. It is always recommended that you take the help of a professional gardener so that the garden does not lose its beauty. We have trained our gardeners in East Dulwich SE22 and monitor them continuously.

We are sure that the gardener will meet your requirements and provide you with the desired results.
The price of our service depends on the size of your garden and we are sure you will get desired results. Our customer support is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can contact us whenever you feel comfortable.

This is how we calculate the prices for each gardening service

Each gardening service is priced differently, based on the size and condition of your garden, as well as the activities to be completed. You will be given a thorough pricing quote over the phone, which will be the final cost. There will be no additional fees added to your payment. We will match the price to your budget, allowing you to precisely estimate your spending.


  • Hedge & Bush Trimming (Team of Two)£45/h
  • Lawn Mowing & Weeding (Team of Two)£45/h
  • Tree Trimming (Team of Two)£45/h
  • Cutting Large Bush (Team of Two)£45/h
*Minimum charge is £45

hedgetrimming6It is too risky to leave the garden in the hands of an amateur as it will result in damaging your garden. Gardening requires professional knowledge and it one cannot expect to take proper care of their garden without the help of experts.

We have been in this field for more than a decade and our professionals have been able to impress almost all our clients. Once the professionals finish their work please have a look at your garden and provide us your feedback.

“I would give this company the highest of rating if I could. They definitely deserve it. I had their gardeners take care of my tree pruning and they did a marvellous work. My trees have never looked this neat. Thanks for everything, guys. You are the best. ” – Ally

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    Professional Gardeners East Dulwich

    hedgetrimming7Entrust us with your green spaces and we guarantee our gardening services, available in East Dulwich, will surpass your greatest expectations. What sets us apart from other gardening contractors, operating in the area?

    Our rates are very affordable, we treat customers like members of our extended family and always provide them with free estimates to set the price in advance. Yet, we have more to offer – we pride ourselves on our reliability, punctuality, professionalism and competence. We offer quality lawn care, re-turfing, hedge trimming, tree pruning, fertilisation and pest control. Take advantage of our offer now by filling in our form or giving us a call.

    Why choose our garden maintenance services in East Dulwich?

    • Fully trained and insured team members – Our gardening employees are skilled, experienced technicians. They're insured, vetted, and properly trained. Prior to their hiring, we do thorough background checks and make sure they are able to provide you with high quality results.
    • Exceptional gardening equipment – Our skilled gardeners utilise high-quality tools and supplies to solve any gardening issues. We use high-quality equipment to provide great service and achieve the high-quality final results you expect from us.
    • Availability for your convenience – We deliver our gardening services throughout the week, including holidays and weekends. Most gardening jobs can even be performed when the weather is bad. Feel free to schedule us at the most convenient time and date for you.
    • Reasonable prices – We carefully calculate each price, taking various factors into consideration. You will receive a free price quote over the phone, as well as a detailed bill, outlining all the things you will be charged for. No hidden charges will occur – you may rest assured about that.

    Benefits of professional gardening services

    • Maximise the space in your garden – By booking a gardening service with our company, you will be able to maximise the free space in your garden. This may be especially beneficial during the summer months or if you plan to redesign any part of the area. Let us remove overgrown branches, trees and hedges, and organise everything for your convenience.
    • Improve the appearance of the space – A well-kept garden greatly enhances the external attractiveness of your home. Our specialists meticulously develop and manage plant arrangements, resulting in a balanced and appealing structure that improves the overall appearance of your outdoor area.
    • Improve the health of your plants – By keeping the plants in your garden free of pests, illnesses and other diseases, we will ensure that all plants are healthy, beautiful and luscious. Everything will look better and you will be able to enjoy healthy growth.
    • Increase your property value – A well-kept garden will considerably boost your property's value. This can be beneficial, particularly if you want to sell or rent your house. Potential clients will be impressed.
    • Free some time for yourself – Entrust your garden to our expert workers and ensure that you have more free time in your schedule. Our garden maintenance guarantees that your garden looks its best throughout the entire year, while you have more time to do what you love.
    • Custom services, tailored for your needs – Our gardening specialists understand that each garden is unique and has special features. We provide personalised services that are tailored to your specific preferences and needs, ensuring that your outside area perfectly represents your vision.

    How to book our professional gardening services?

    We make it quick and easy to schedule our garden maintenance services. Simply contact us with your requirements, provide some basic information about your garden, and select an appropriate time. Follow these steps to book a professional service with us:

    1. Contact us: Feel free to contact us any day of the week. Our professional customer support representatives are available to answer your inquiries and give extra information about our services. Call or email us for immediate assistance.
    2. Tell us about your specific needs: Let us know about the condition of your garden and the goals you would like to achieve. We would like to know which issues need to be addressed. We will create a specific process that will be followed throughout the entire service.
    3. Book your appointment: Schedule your appointment for the most convenient time and date for you. We are available throughout the week and will do our best to fit in your busy schedule.
    4. Receive a high-quality service: As soon as our gardeners arrive at your site, they will begin executing the customised approach. They will do their best to satisfy your expectations. Please write a review and tell us about your experience with us.


    • Can I book more than one service?

      Yes, of course. We offer a wide range of gardening services that are great by themselves, as well as in a combination. Feel free to take a look and choose any of them or ask our professional gardeners about the best combination, based on the specific features of your garden, your needs and requirements.

    • Do I needs to provide any tools or products?

      No, our professionals arrive fully equipped with everything required for the successful completion of the service. All you need to provide is access to water and electricity (especially for the jet washing service).

    • How can I pay for the service?

      You can pay with cash or via a bank transfer. The bank transfer must be completed prior to the original appointment, so keep that in mind.

    • How can I request an inspection?

      If you would like us to arrive and inspect your property, in order to determine which service will meet your interests best, all you need to do is give us a call and give us an address. The initial inspection will be free of charge and based on the information we gather on site, we will create a detailed plan that works best for your space.

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