Hedge Trimming Dollis Hill, Childs Hill

Professional gardening in LondonUsually the hedges in an ordinary garden need to be trimmed just once a year. But there are certain types of hedges which have to be trimmed more than ones – for example Privet hedges in Dollis Hill and Childs Hill need to be serviced at least 3 times a year.

If you want to provide the hedges in your garden with the best possible care, you should contact our company. We employ trained gardeners who will trim your hedges quickly and professionally. The modern equipment which our knowledgeable gardeners use allows us to do this job quicker than any other gardening agency in London. Call us for a free quote and more information about our hedge trimming service.

Most types of hedges need at least one trimming per year, but there are certain types which have to be services more than just ones. Many gardens have Privet hedges which need to be trimmed every 3-4 months in order to preserve their good shape and appearance.


  • Hedge & Bush Trimming (Team of Two)£45/h
  • Lawn Mowing & Weeding (Team of Two)£45/h
  • Tree Trimming (Team of Two)£45/h
  • Cutting Large Bush (Team of Two)£45/h
*Minimum charge is £45

hedgetrimming5You can count on us when it comes to hedge trimming and other gardening services. Our gardening services are carried out by some of the most knowledgeable and experienced gardeners in London.

We assure you that your requirements will be met and you’ll be surprised how quickly our workers will take care of your hedges.

“I would like to thank you on behalf of my daughter and wife for the amazing job. Our garden looks simply stunning now that we booked you for biweekly maintenance! Everything is well trimmed and tidy and the lawn’s grass grows greener and healthier. Much obliged for all your hard work and professionalism!” – Nelson

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    Professional Hedge Trimming Dollis Hill, Childs Hill

    hedgetrimming10We are proud to offer a truly bespoke hedge trimming service to customers in and around Dollis Hill, Childs Hill at rates they will find difficult to resist. We are here to prove quality does not necessarily come at prices you cannot afford.

    The gardeners we work with are some of the best in the trade. They have years of experience in the industry and know just what it takes to trim any hedge, regardless of size and shape, to perfection. You can have your peace of mind, as each member of our team is referenced, dependable and motivated to produce the results you are after. Grab the phone, dial our number and request your free quote now!

    Why is it important to get your hedges professionally trimmed on a regular basis?

    Choosing expert hedge trimming services is about more than simply improving the appearance of your outdoor area. It is also greatly beneficial for the preservation of long-term vibrancy and health. Our experienced crew will trim your hedges, improve their appearance and make sure they fit with everything else in your garden. Regular hedge cutting provides various advantages worth considering.

    • Enhanced aesthetics – Proper hedge trimming significantly boosts your garden’s look. A well-maintained hedge contributes to the beauty and charm of your outdoor space, making the improvement instantly noticeable.
    • Practicality – When hiring a professional agency for the trimming of your hedges, you will be able to save money and time. Leave the task to our professionals and enjoy your extra free time with your family instead.
    • Prevention of hedge overgrowth – Trimming your hedges prevents them from blocking doorways, paths, windows, and other areas. Additionally, trimmed hedges allow more sunlight and air to reach your garden, improving its health.
    • Protection against structural damage – Make sure your hedges are trimmed and avoid potential damage to your roof, path, walls or fences. Regular hedge trimming is essential for this.
    • Pest and rodent control – Trimmed hedges are less inviting to insects, rodents and other pests. By regularly trimming them, you will ensure that they are healthy and free of infestations.

    The hedge trimming equipment we use

    Our team of professional gardeners arrives fully equipped with the best tools on the market. Using trimmers, saws, and other cutting equipment, they can create the precise hedge shape you expect. The use of professional ladders and elevated platforms allows them to trim hard-to-reach and high areas, ensuring exceptional results every time.

    Why choose our professional garden maintenance services in Dollis Hill, Childs Hill for your hedge trimming?

    • Certified experts – The professional gardeners that will be trimming your hedges are some of the best in the industry. They are familiar with all techniques and will do their best to achieve the high-quality results we promised you.
    • High quality services – As one of the best garden maintenance service providers in Dollis Hill, Childs Hill, we continue to work hard and maintain the impeccable quality of our work. We offer guarantees about the final results we provide and will make sure they satisfy you.
    • Affordable rates and special offers – The rates for all our services are affordable and matches to your budget. You will also receive special deals and offers if you are a new customer of our company.

    What are the benefits of trimming hedges regularly

    • Healthier hedges – By regularly trimming your hedges, you will help maintain them in good health, stimulate new growth and prevent diseases and illnesses from harming the plant. All of this is thanks to the improved air and light flow so make sure you get your hedges trimmed at least twice a year.
    • Improve the looks of your garden in Dollis Hill, Childs Hill – A properly trimmed hedge with a size and shape, matched to your garden, will significantly improve its appearance. The area will look a lot better and you will be able to enjoy a beautifully-maintained layout.
    • Safety and health benefits – Regular hedge maintenance avoids risks such as falling branches and debris, which can obstruct routes and cause other concerns. Additionally, well-kept hedges serve as natural barriers, offering seclusion and security.

    Add Some of the Additional Tasks We Offer to Your Hedge Trimming Service

    • Topiary – Topiary is a great way to add beauty and creativity to your yard by turning plain hedges into elegantly sculpted ornaments. Our specialists will carefully choose shapes that fit your garden’s design, resulting in eye-catching accents that add to its overall beauty. Trust our pros to transform your hedges into living artwork.
    • Tree surgery/Branch removal/ Tree care – Professional services improve tree health by eliminating unhealthy or damaged branches. This minimises disease transmission and promotes healthy development, allowing trees to develop successfully and even reduces the chances of accidents and property damage. Furthermore, more sunshine will enter your garden, benefiting the health and growth of other plants.
    • Root management – We work with professional root management experts which will eliminate any damaged or overgrown roots that may be harming the hedge itself or destroying any construction or concrete nearby. This is an important task which will significantly improve the wellbeing of hedges, promote new growth and remove any chances of damage or illness, related to the root system.
    • Hedge Reduction and Removal / Hedge Height reduction – The height reduction of your hedges will be suited to the layout of your garden. It will help increase light and air circulations, improving the good condition of hedges and other plants.

    The process of hedge trimming

    1. Contact us – To schedule an appointment with us, simply give us a call and tell us about the things you expect to receive as part of the job.
    2. Thorough area inspection – The gardening maintenance experts on our team will tailor the work approach to your hedges’ size and condition. They will thoroughly check and collect information throughout the inspection.
    3. Precision trimming techniques – We will utilise the most convenient cutting techniques to maintain the form of your hedges in top condition.
    4. Scheduled maintenance – A schedule for your hedge trimming appointments will be created for you, based on your needs and requirements.


    • What is the best time of the year for my hedge trimming?

      Timing depends on the type of hedge. Generally, trimming in late winter or early spring, before new growth is the most beneficial, however, the best time for your hedge trimming may depend on the distinct species of hedges, as well as the weather conditions you are in.

    • Can you help with my hedges has been over trimmed?

      Yes, we will create a tailored service, based on the condition of your hedges and other plants. We can improve growth is your hedges have been over-trimmed and minimise bald spots and dryness.

    • Should I provide any materials (ladder, saws, etc.)?

      No, out professionals arrive fully equipped with everything they will need throughout the service. You do not need to worry about anything. The gardeners on our team utilise the best tools and products and will provide you with an exceptional service.

    • Ideal Frequency for Hedge Maintenance?

      Regular maintenance is crucial for the wellbeing of your hedges and the appearance of your garden. Based on the type of hedge that you have, as well as your needs and requirements, you may need to book this service 2-3 times a year. Our professional gardeners will provide you with advice on the perfect frequency for you.

    • Can you work with overgrown trees as well?

      Absolutely! In addition to hedge trimming, we offer services for tree pruning and maintenance to ensure the health and beauty of your entire landscape.

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