Professional Gardening Service Southwark

Maintaining your garden is not an easy task, it requires expertise and proper knowhow about plants. Most of us don’t have time to maintain our garden due to our hectic schedule. Even if we try we cannot treat the garden like a professional gardener.

A professional gardener treats all the plants individually and beautifies the garden. It is always recommended that garden owners take the help of professional gardeners and consult them. We have been providing our gardening services in Southwark SE1 for more than a decade and have the expertise to serve you.

Once our gardeners come to your house you can be rest assured that your garden is in proper hands and it will get good treatment. You can contact our customer care or send in an e-mail to book our services. We will do our best to provide a tailor made package for you.

This is how we calculate the prices for each gardening service

You will receive a free price quote over the phone, especially estimated for your particular gardening service. The amount will be calculated for you, based on factors such as the number and type of tasks, included in the project, as well as the size and condition of your outdoor area. Rest assured that the quoted price will be final and that no additional charges will occur.


  • Hedge & Bush Trimming (Team of Two)£45/h
  • Lawn Mowing & Weeding (Team of Two)£45/h
  • Tree Trimming (Team of Two)£45/h
  • Cutting Large Bush (Team of Two)£45/h
*Minimum charge is £45

hedgetrimming6Our gardeners have been trained and we continuously monitor them. They are sent to your house with proper tools and chemicals. All the chemicals are industrially proven and they will not damage your plants and flowers.

The gardeners are well behaved and trustworthy. While they work in your garden you can afford to spend time with your family and friends. We are sure that they will meet your requirements and you will become our regular client.

“I can’t cope with the gardening work alone and often use the services of this company. The gardeners provide effective trimming of the trees and shrubs, watering of the plants, removal of pests and weeds. They help me a lot with the cares for the plants in my yard.” – Amber

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    Professional Gardeners Southwark

    hedgetrimming7Gardening services are our company’s speciality and passion – we are based in Southwark and serve thousands of commercial and domestic clients who keep coming back to us because we always deliver quality at affordable rates!

    The services on our list include landscaping, topiary work, re-turfing of bare spots, grass cutting, hedge trimming, garden clearance, de-weeding, pest eradication, and soil aeration.

    Of course, if you have something else in mind, do share it with our friendly call centre assistants. We gladly take our customers’ ideas and suggestions into consideration. Make sure you give us a ring so we can promptly dispatch a team of reliable and knowledgeable specialists to help you with your pending gardening tasks!

    Why choose our garden maintenance services in Southwark?

    • Fully trained and insured team members – The gardening professionals on our team are experienced technicians. They are insured, vetted and professionally trained. We carefully check their backgrounds prior to their employment.
    • Exceptional gardening equipment – Tools and products of the highest quality will be used throughout the gardening service. Our experienced technicians will use them in the best way possible. The final outcomes will meet and exceed your expectations.
    • Availability for your convenience – Our gardening specialists are accessible seven days a week, including weekends and bank holidays. Schedule an appointment at your convenience, and will provide you with a timely and efficient service.
    • Reasonable prices – Our gardening services are priced competitively and tailored to your budget. We provide a transparent price plan and a free quotation depending on your garden's size and condition, as well as the jobs needed.

    Benefits of professional gardening services

    • Maximise the space in your garden – With our skilled gardening services, you may make full use of your outdoor area. We will clean up overgrown areas, remove weeds, trim hedges and trees and make your garden more organised and spacious. This allows you to rearrange your garden, add new elements, or simply enjoy a more open and welcoming outdoor environment.
    • Improve the appearance of the space – Professional gardeners provide a creative approach to your garden by arranging plants and structures in visually appealing ways. Their skill guarantees that your yard is not only clean but also harmonious and beautiful.
    • Improve the health of your plants – Professional Garden maintenance helps improve the health of all plants. Our professional gardening experts will eliminate diseases and pest infestations in order to ensure the health and wellbeing of your hedges, flowers and other plants.
    • Increase your property value – The value of your entire property will significantly increase, thanks to the garden maintenance services we offer. You will be able to impress future and potential customers, buyers or renters.
    • Free some time for yourself – Allowing our crew to take care of your garden maintenance will save you time and effort. Our dependable services allow you to enjoy a beautiful garden without constant hassle, allowing you the opportunity to focus on more essential elements of your life.
    • Custom services, tailored for your needs – We are excited to be experts in providing gardening services that are tailored to fit your exact requirements. We customise every part of your garden, from the plants to the layout, to create a beautiful space that meets and exceeds your expectations.

    How to book our professional gardening services?

    If you are interested in out gardening solutions, give us a call and schedule an appointment with us, following the few simple steps mentioned below. Our customer support agents are available 7 days a week and will guide you through the booking process.

    1. Contact us: Do not hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. Our friendly customer support agents are available 7 days a week and will answer all of your questions. Do not hesitate to request extra information about our services.
    2. Tell us about your specific needs: Share your needs and requirements with us – we will create a suitable procedure for your project and our gardening professionals will follow it. Every problem will be addressed accordingly.
    3. Book your appointment: Choose the day and time that work best for you. We work throughout the week and will make sure we fit in your schedule so you may choose the most convenient time for your needs.
    4. Receive a high-quality service: Our gardening specialists will come on time and get straight to work. They will precisely perform each part of the process, delivering high-quality outcomes. We urge you to provide feedback and post a review regarding our service.


    • Can I book more than one service?

      Yes, of course. We offer a wide range of gardening services that are great by themselves, as well as in a combination. Feel free to take a look and choose any of them or ask our professional gardeners about the best combination, based on the specific features of your garden, your needs and requirements.

    • Do I needs to provide any tools or products?

      No, our professionals arrive fully equipped with everything required for the successful completion of the service. All you need to provide is access to water and electricity (especially for the jet washing service).

    • How can I pay for the service?

      You can pay with cash or via a bank transfer. The bank transfer must be completed prior to the original appointment, so keep that in mind.

    • How can I request an inspection?

      If you would like us to arrive and inspect your property, in order to determine which service will meet your interests best, all you need to do is give us a call and give us an address. The initial inspection will be free of charge and based on the information we gather on site, we will create a detailed plan that works best for your space.

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