Professional Gardening Services Putney

Taking care of a garden is not only important for enhancing the sense of pleasure and enjoyment but to add and retain value of your property.

Only a professional garden service company can help improve the look and maintain the garden in good condition. As garden service providers in Putney SW15 we make it a point to assess the needs of the garden before we undertake the task of renovating or maintaining it.

A garden is a huge entity and it requires a lot of hard work and devotion of time to maintain everything in proper order. With our huge manpower and resources we can serve to any kind of garden, whether it is for residential purpose or commercial purpose.

This is how we calculate the prices for each gardening service

We will estimate a custom price for you, based on the specific tasks that must be completed, as well as the unique features of your garden. You will receive a free price quote over the phone and the amount will be final. We will ensure that the price is matched to your budget and that you know exactly what you will be paying for.


  • Hedge & Bush Trimming (Team of Two)£45/h
  • Lawn Mowing & Weeding (Team of Two)£45/h
  • Tree Trimming (Team of Two)£45/h
  • Cutting Large Bush (Team of Two)£45/h
*Minimum charge is £45 hedgetrimming6Our professionally trained gardeners are thoroughly knowledgeable and their vast experience extracts the best out of a garden. The choice is totally yours whether you want our services once in a month or on a regular basis. Our teams of sincere and efficient gardeners are always willing to help you out by turning your garden to something spectacular.

We use the most advanced equipments and products of good quality which ensures that the work is being carried out in a smooth manner without damaging the plants. So instead of wasting your time thinking, why not get in touch with us to present your garden with some wonderful service.

“If you are hesitant about booking a professional gardening maintenance quote with the company, don’t be. I was also sceptical at first, but I can now say they are the best. Their gardeners are quick and careful, and they are also very courteous and friendly. They did amazing job with my garden.” – Maud

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    Professional Gardeners Putney

    hedgetrimming7The best way to ensure the healthy and properly growing state of the plants in your property is using our effective services. The gardeners and landscapers in our agency can do the work which you need using high-grade equipment and suitable preparations. They can improve the appearance and increase the price of your property in case you plan to offer it for sale or rent.

    Our gardening services are available within Putney during all days of the week. If you need effective and professional hedge trimming, weed removal, turfing, grass cutting, pruning of your trees or seeding of new plants call us.

    Why choose our garden maintenance services in Putney?

    • Fully trained and insured team members – Our gardening specialists are skilled professionals who have received thorough training. Each person is insured, vetted, verified, and knowledgeable. We do extensive background checks on each of them.
    • Exceptional gardening equipment – The gardening tools we equip our professional gardeners with are of the highest quality. They utilise big and small expert tools in order to be able to resolve any issues that need to be addressed in your garden. We will impress you with the final results.
    • Availability for your convenience – Our gardening professionals are available 7 days a week and will come to your property at your convenience. You can schedule an appointment throughout the week and rest assured that we will arrive (even during all bank holidays).
    • Reasonable prices – Our gardening services are priced competitively and tailored to your budget. We provide a transparent price plan and a free quotation depending on your garden's size and condition, as well as the jobs needed.

    Benefits of professional gardening services

    • Maximise the space in your garden – Our experienced gardening services can free up extra space in your garden. We undertake the removal of overgrown plants, trees, and hedges, leaving your garden open and ready for any activities or new ideas you have in mind. Whether you want to create a peaceful retreat or a children's play area, our services can help you obtain the perfect space.
    • Improve the appearance of the space – Our gardening services include landscape design and maintenance, which considerably improves the aesthetics of your outside space. We design gorgeous garden designs that are both useful and aesthetically pleasing, transforming your yard into an attractive area.
    • Improve the health of your plants – Professional garden upkeep improves the health of all plants. Our skilled gardening professionals will remove illnesses and insect infestations to protect the health and well-being of your hedges, flowers, and other plants.
    • Increase your property value – We provide garden care services that will dramatically boost the value of your entire home. You'll be able to capture the attention of prospective and potential buyers and tenants.
    • Free some time for yourself – Entrust your garden to our expert workers and ensure that you have more free time in your schedule. Our garden maintenance guarantees that your garden looks its best throughout the entire year, while you have more time to do what you love.
    • Custom services, tailored for your needs – With our personalised approach, we plan and carry out gardening projects that are tailored to your individual preferences and needs. Every step of the process is customised for you in order to guarantee that your garden is exactly as you envisioned.

    How to book our professional gardening services?

    In order to book our professional gardening services, all you need to do is follow the simple steps we mention below. Feel free to contact us and provide us with some basic information about your situation. Our customer support centres are available 7 days a week and will book your appointment right away.

    1. Contact us: Please do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email. Our helpful customer service representatives are accessible every day to assist you with the information you need and answer any questions you may have regarding our services.
    2. Tell us about your specific needs: Share your needs and requirements with us – we will create a suitable procedure for your project and our gardening professionals will follow it. Every problem will be addressed accordingly.
    3. Book your appointment: Schedule your service at a time that works best for you. Our crew is accessible every day, allowing you to pick the best day and time for your needs.
    4. Receive a high-quality service: When our crew comes, they will instantly complete all of the tasks mentioned in your distinctive plan. Expect excellent outcomes that meet your expectations. Don't forget to write a review and tell us how we did.


    • Can I book more than one service?

      Yes, of course. We offer a wide range of gardening services that are great by themselves, as well as in a combination. Feel free to take a look and choose any of them or ask our professional gardeners about the best combination, based on the specific features of your garden, your needs and requirements.

    • Do I needs to provide any tools or products?

      No, our professionals arrive fully equipped with everything required for the successful completion of the service. All you need to provide is access to water and electricity (especially for the jet washing service).

    • How can I pay for the service?

      You can pay with cash or via a bank transfer. The bank transfer must be completed prior to the original appointment, so keep that in mind.

    • How can I request an inspection?

      If you would like us to arrive and inspect your property, in order to determine which service will meet your interests best, all you need to do is give us a call and give us an address. The initial inspection will be free of charge and based on the information we gather on site, we will create a detailed plan that works best for your space.

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